Saturday, February 12, 2011

In Spite of

the weather, I am ridiculously happy this morning.

I completely blew up my diet last night, with pizza (Amy's spinach) and red wine (DuBoeuf Beaujolais-Villages), and watched a Criminal Minds marathon on A&E. It was GREAT.

I had fantastic dreams about cruises and friends and hooking up with my (not so) secret crush.

I woke up smiling, and dared to weigh myself (131!!!!) and hopped off the scale grinning.

I made a fantastic press of coffee (thanks Shell and Andy) from my favourite Toronto Cafe
At 9:30 I have a coaching session with the fabulous Norma (via Skype so I don't even have to brush my teeth, hahaha - sorry Norma).

This evening I have a visit from my newest and wonderful friend Kristy to look forward to.

Right now, I feel like this:

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

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