Monday, September 27, 2010

Adventures in riding

It was an exciting day in bikeland, people.
First thing this morning, I almost hit a cat. When I say almost, I mean if one of us had juked or jived a millimeter different, one of us would have been going home in a box. Probably the cat. Luckily, I was riding pretty slow, and even though it made the ridiculous decision to run back into the road after crossing safely, it was savvy enough to put the brakes on and dosido real quick.
I was telling K this, and he reminded me of the time he hit and killed a kangaroo in Australia. Most exotic roadkill story prize winner.
I've never killed anything myself (knock wood) except a toad that I'm not entirely positive I hit. I think he jumped outta the kill zone just in time. But, I have been in a car that killed a cat, I will never forget it. The driver said,"oops, that one didn't make it", and drove on. Horrified, I was. Hear me?
I guess we are lucky in a way here, not much in the way of animal life to run over. Lotsa rats. Feral chickens. Toads. Occasional feral cats.
On the way home, an interminable wait because the causeway has been (yet again) damaged by (yet another) hurricane. Because I'm on a bike, the thing to do is squeeze past the cars to jump line. Which is cool unless you get stuck and almost (I swear) have your toes run over by a bus.
And the cop directing traffic was far too good looking (an Island Snipes) and caused a lot of distraction and slow downs. The Asian chicks in the tin box in front of me nearly broke their necks trying to watch him for a mile...and no, I did not. Ok, maybe a little.
So yeah, tiny Island, lots of commuting fun!
On a not so totally random note, I'm back to weight training tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to it.
Although I managed to slightly sprain my wrist wrestling with the most cruel of sports bras I've ever owned (thanks lululemon - or lulemon as Andy and I call it). I injure myself in the most ridiculous of ways.
So, I'm back to the grind. Scootercommuting, work woes (life insurance!god!), healthy lunch quests and exercise.
I'm spacing out the vacation posts so that I can savour them more fully as ssdd settles in around me.
Counting down now to December!


On a totally random note, is this not the sweetest drawing you've ever seen?

 'k bye

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Communal Mule

Hands down the best coffee house I've ever been too. Best name, no contest :

me, in the window

Best decor:

only one of my favourite movies
Best espresso drinks:

soy lattes
 And best clientele! :)

My sis has the same 'looks angry but isn't' affliction

Loved this place. Wish I could uproot it and bring it here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a comin'

Right now, I am (rather frantically) cleaning my house. Why? Two reasons:

1. I'm going away tomorrow (yay) and I love to come home to a sparkly clean house.
2. There's a hurricane a comin'.

Sure, giggle if you want to. I used to.

Way back in the day, when I young, and my heart was an open book...I digress, but yeah, and living with my mother, she would break out the clorox and palmolive (I dunno) and get down to it. I would tease her relentlessly, like, hey Mom, good ol' (hurricane name) comin' to town? Comin' for lunch? Comin' to have a spot of tea? She bore it the way she did any sh*t from Sissy and I - made us do the cleaning. (She also used to bathe us in Dettol, but that's a whole nother post)

Fast forward x years, I have an adult (koff koff) household of my own. There is a massive cat 4 bearing down on us. I think back to Mom, her yellow dishwashing gloves and bucket. I scoff. And break open the vino. Because what do sane adults do when there's a hurricane a comin'? That's right. Party.

So this f*cker totally kicks our asses. There's no power (so no water). It's humid and hot as balls. There are ants. Everywhere. Billions. There are rotting leaves, rotting grass bits, rotting tree limbs and palm fronds. Everywhere. There's broken glass. Dirt. Sand. Everwhere. And under all of this? One dirty, messy house.
I was miserable. Hot. I stank. We stank (well one of us usually did anyway). Everyone stank.
No water. Bad. No water + dirty dishes, laundry, not so clean bathrooms? Really, really bad.

So yes, even though I'm not going to be here for this one, which may or may not be a comin' at this point, I am going to make damn sure that my house is clean.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cool sh*t

Somebody please please buy me a crystal ball. I mean, how frikin cool would that be? I must have one.

I love stuff like this. I always wanted one spooky room, all decked out in dark velvet curtains and heavy ebony ornate furniture.

A room in which I could brood over my Poe and Lovecraft collections while stroking the head of my fiendishly clever raven, Lenore...... A room I could trick out like something only Tim Burton would love...A room where I could sigh over my dark lover's bewitching poems written only to be spoken into my tender ear whilst we bide a wee in front of my majesticly mantled fireplace..


I'll settle for a crystal ball, I guess..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

one big tornado

"To see a tornado in your dream, suggests that you are experiencing some extreme emotional outbursts and temper tantrums. Is there a situation or relationship in your life that may be potentially destructive?"

Hey, how does it know? How does the sleeping mind know to send you images that may cause you to think a little more deeply about the state of it?

Here's me, ages (2 years) ago, happy and in love, so much so, for the first time.

candid cuddle shot

 Here's me, now, miserable and in love. Again, for the first time.

my life is a dark room
And I have to wonder, do I set myself up to fail? Do I pose decision making on the deliberation of what could possibly hurt me the most in the long run? Seems I do.

Instead of being blissfully single after the demise of my fateful marriage, I go and fall in love with (of course) someone who is unavailable on every level. And not only do I go and do that, I stick with it. 

Me, to me, "Hey, this really hurts! So I'll keep doing it". Over and over. It would take years of therapy to get to the root of these self destructive tendencies I have. So right now, I'm admitting that I'm an emotional masochist. Is there an EMA out there?  I don't know, folks, I just don't. I think I'll throw in the towel, stay in my cave, allow the realisation to dawn that some things, like love, are not meant for some people (me).

Now to start collecting cats...oh, right, I don't really like 'em.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Is on!

this time next week!
And fingers crossed real hard for a fun evening....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Short answer

Remember when I wondered if Tuesday after a 3 day weekend would be as sucky as Mondays usually are? Well in this case - worse!
Can't wait for vacation.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Silver Lining

I'm looking for it.
What a crap day. A day off and I spent it by myself. Everything I made to eat sucked. I went to the beach and it stank and was full of annoying people (but I did have a nice swim, regardless). I'm so tired of fighting for something that is just not working. I am so miserable right now, and was so miserable today, that I'm actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.
I know, this too shall pass, but I'm feeling really flippin sorry for myself.
Waiting for this to happen.....
betcha bottom dollar, that tomorrow...

LDW - Day 2

Was actually a bit of a let down. I was pretty bored. I puttered around the house a bit, but was at a loss finding stuff to do.
I made this:
iced coffee with Silk vanilla creamer
That gave me a little bit more energy, but, I still spent most of the day on my laptop - fast internet a mixed blessing!

I joined my Mother and her friends at Fort St. Catherine beach, not my favourite, but I popped up to the fort to grab a picture:
Not great, but it has reminded me how much I love these old Bermuda forts. So maybe I'll go check one out today, if I can tear myself away....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labour Day weekend - Day 1

asics, beach towel, sandy toes

I decided on this mad, glorious idea - I would hop on Bikey, park at the beach, go for a short run/jog/walk thingy, then I would jump right into the water at the end of it.
It was a great idea, first time I ever did it! And it was pretty fantastic, except for two things - I had nothing to eat but coffee; it was 12 30 pm. HOT. I did enjoy the heat beating down on my head, I enjoyed getting as hot and sweaty as possible in anticipation of hurling myself into the ocean. It was very tiring, and I suppose a little dangerous. Next time I'll wait until the heat of the day has bled off a bit.
I took this picture to demonstrate the beet redness of my face, even after the swim and the ride home:

I'm not angry. I'm starting to realise this might be my everyday look. Yikes.

As you can see by the picture, I'm getting a little better at taking pictures of myself. Now I need to work on smiling maybe.

After a brief rest, I went to White's to stock up on the MillerChill and grab something for lunch - an oh-so-tasty 'b'lt. At that point though I'm sure even plain grits would have been delicious (uck).

I went to Lisi's in the evening for an in house happy hour, we had her fabulous g 'n' t's, that girl can make a mean highball! We had a blast, talking sh*t and gossiping about everything under our sun. Her husband was very tolerant, right up until the very end, when I think our vitriol finally got to him. We get mean when we drink gin. Fun!

I rode home, it was a beautiful, starry night, and when I got home I sat outside and considered the vastness of the universe for a while. Yeah, a little tipsy still and my neighbour may have assumed I had locked myself out of the house.

I crashed hard and slept long, so far haven't done a whole lot today but surf the internet ( I love reading blogs now). I have outside plans later, and will catch up with it tomorrow!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Happy Friday evening, all.
That was a long week. A long, dull week. I am so STUCK in a routine, I am practically living with my eyes closed. There are times when my dreams seem more real than my reality. And reality feels like a dull nightmare that I can't wake up from.
Maybe this will help, for a while.
Bacardi Ciclon, Rose's lime, club soda.
At least it will make me feel like I'm cool, for a little while. And yeah, yeah, yeah.....self medicating.....blah de blah....have a drink. Cheers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ever feel like finding one of these:
And pulling up stakes to take in with you?

Yeah, one of those days. Too much. Totally out of my comfort zone today at work. I got it done, but it wiped me out.
And generally just overly sensitive about everything else.
Like one big sparking dendrite.
I'm not the most easy going person. I can be. But sometimes, I just get into this state. I feel like, I don't know, I can read people. I'm open to too much information. Or maybe I'm crazy and reading too much into everything. Whatever the reason, I find myself often in desperate need of a quiet, lonely cave.
I need to recharge, being sensitive burns a lot of energy.

On a way more happy note - 2 weeks!!!!
And I'll be back here:
Shell & Andy's street
Ignore the serious look, that has more to do with me trying to get down this self portrait thing. I'd post more of those but you'd laugh your ass off. Ok, maybe some day.