Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fun stuff

Mondays are really no goes for me. I'm not with it 'til the afternoon and by then I'm too tired to care. Although I had fun with my trainer yesterday. Who was walking softly and carrying a big stick. Ever wondered what it may be like to be herded? Well, I can assume part amusing and part humiliating. But since it seemed to be making Rupert happy, it was completely amusing to me yesterday. Never say to someone with a stick, 'Don't you dare hit me with that, or...', because they will hit you with it. Then you're all standing there with no follow through of the implied threat.
Saturday was our company party, and while not the most exciting of events.... it was pretty! I got my hair cut on Sunday, and though Mom said it looked 'butch' (she later recanted and said I look younger), I love it :)

me in the red dress with old hair

new hair! and devil eyes.
 Why do people take photos on their phones in bathrooms? I've always wondered (and said I never would). Its just easier, ok? And I particularly like the infinite reflection effect in this one.

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