Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Very Zen Sunday

Yesterday, Mom and I went out for lunch, to a nice little restaurant in St. George's. It was my treat for Mother's Day.

Inspired by these flowers in their garden, we decided to go the the nursery to pick up some plants to liven up my place a little.
But first, I had to take a picture of this cool ass black yacht in the harbour.

I bought herbs, because I've never had an herb garden and have always wanted one, as well as some very hardy plants to blossom under the neglectful nature and harsh sunlight of the owner, and patio, respectively.
So today, I planted the herb garden on the front porch, and Mom helped me with the large planter in back. We had an extraneous begonia, and in a stroke of genius, I elected to plant it in the discovered copper pot I've been dying to find use for. I think it all came out looking pretty damn good.

So here's hoping that I will have some beautiful flowers to photograph, as well as some fresh herbs to add to my eclectic, inventive cooking...
After the planting extravaganza, I came inside to a lovely cool house and did some wonderfully centering yoga. I feel like a million bucks.

I hope everyone's had a marvelous Mother's Day

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