Friday, January 28, 2011

Gym Talk

Or, "Why does my trainer make me do all those jumping jacks?, and, Is the new hot guy in the gym flirting, or just really friendly?"

Rupert and I have had this conversation, more than once. I don't like jumping exercises. Of which he has many, various, in his repertoire. He swears that they are primo moves, the best aerobic/conditioning moves, moves that burn calories while introducing bored old muscles to new exertion. I swear that I have big boobs, and bouncing them around makes me feel, well, silly. 'No one is watching you', he says, 'and stop fixing them in front of me, please'. Hmmph.
So, he wins, as usual, but as I hop around his gym like a cracked out b-rabbit, I can't help but have the nagging suspicion that there's a camera, and a live feed, direct to his giggling, ogling buddies.

Yes, there is some new eye candy on the a.m. gym roster (sorry Cliff). His name is Dave, and he is terribly attractive. This week, we've had many interesting and funny conversations. While I've managed not to stare at his well developed, tanned biceps (much). At the end of each workout (now 45 minutes of strenuous cardio for me - yay me!) he always says 'see you tomorrow?' to which I reply with some grinning and perhaps even a little blush. So I wonder on my way to the locker room, 'is this super hot guy flirting with me? Or just being friendly?'. Then I remember, this is me, at 7:30 a.m., pretty much fresh from my pillow, puffy eyed, squirrel-haired and make up free. So yeah. Dave is a super hot, super friendly guy.....

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