Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Catch it before it flies away..

Wednesday March 9, 2011
Why today? Because today for some unknown reason, I am

 The sun is shining
I didn't get rained on this morning on the way to the gym
I've been doing 50+ minutes of cardio pretty religiously every weekday morning now for one month and it feels great
Yoga and running and weight training are so much more enjoyable with a new (and improving!) fitness level
Cutting out dairy was easier than I ever imagined
I'm good at my job. Important people are noticing
I am becoming happy in myself - no outside input necessary
I have a new friend who is like another piece of me
I am becoming closer to 'old' friends because of my new zen aspirations
Summer 2011 is going to be RIGHTEOUS!!!

Those are the ones that I can put my finger on, anyway. An overall feeling of contentment and hope is overtaking me lately. And I love it.

I'm not happy every day. I still get sad, and down on life and down on me. I let that flow over me, and flow through me. We are our experiences. And what we choose to take from them shapes our future.

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