Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh Crap.

You all know someone like this. Someone who is well meaning and nice enough, but drives you absolutely batty.

I was out at lunch, on a mission to buy new sneakers. I was excited because honestly, there's nothing I like more than new sneakers.

I took a shortcut through the mall, and bumped into an old aquaintance. I said hello, submitted to a frantic hug, and tried to extracate myself. He FOLLOWED me. To every shoe store I went to. Sitting practically on top of me and talking my ear off. His manic energy distracted me so much, there was no way I could buy my sneakers. At one point, he even said, I hope you don't mind me coming along......Uh, one look at my face should have told you clearly, I do. But I just don't have the bitchiness (surprise!) required to brush someone off. I mean, I did when he asked me out, but in a nice way - "I'm in the book" in reply to "Can I have your number?"...

After I finally escaped, I had a small moment of self pity. Mostly because I had no new sneakers. But also because I wondered, why the hell can't someone that I like be interested in me like that? Really! It is apparently too much to ask. Which is why I've always settled for 'ok, he's allright' and 'I may not get any better'. Well NO MORE! says I. I am far too happy being single right now to settle or give in or give up. People say I must date to find someone, I think that if someone is supposed to be, they will find me. So that's it. Mr. Right, I'm either in the gym, at work, at home or walking on the beach. You now know where to find me.

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