Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vain today

So I'm being vain but I really love my new 'do! I haven't had short hair in ages and I missed it. I was going to wait until my goal weight to cut it but after my wee health scare I decided that waiting for something I really want is foolish! Yesterday was so great, went to the Ag show with Lisi and Gemma and Guy, we had a fabulous time. I got there in time to see Emily ride in competition and it was wicked. So brave to order around a big ass horse like that! When I got home from my run (had to work off the madacadas) I got to hang out with my neighbours, we had a blast playing with his xbox movie maker. I would make a great scarecrow in Oz. The sincerity of my 'If I only had a brain' was moving. Then today - a gorgeous day, a great new haircut, a weigh in not as horrific as I expected it to be after last weeks selfpityathon. I got a little sunburnt yesterday so sticking inside today...... yes I'm Bermudian and yes I invariably neglect to sunblock on the first real sunny day I hang out in. Short week this week and an even shorter one next week - taking a vacation in Bermuda. Can't wait!
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