Monday, September 27, 2010

Adventures in riding

It was an exciting day in bikeland, people.
First thing this morning, I almost hit a cat. When I say almost, I mean if one of us had juked or jived a millimeter different, one of us would have been going home in a box. Probably the cat. Luckily, I was riding pretty slow, and even though it made the ridiculous decision to run back into the road after crossing safely, it was savvy enough to put the brakes on and dosido real quick.
I was telling K this, and he reminded me of the time he hit and killed a kangaroo in Australia. Most exotic roadkill story prize winner.
I've never killed anything myself (knock wood) except a toad that I'm not entirely positive I hit. I think he jumped outta the kill zone just in time. But, I have been in a car that killed a cat, I will never forget it. The driver said,"oops, that one didn't make it", and drove on. Horrified, I was. Hear me?
I guess we are lucky in a way here, not much in the way of animal life to run over. Lotsa rats. Feral chickens. Toads. Occasional feral cats.
On the way home, an interminable wait because the causeway has been (yet again) damaged by (yet another) hurricane. Because I'm on a bike, the thing to do is squeeze past the cars to jump line. Which is cool unless you get stuck and almost (I swear) have your toes run over by a bus.
And the cop directing traffic was far too good looking (an Island Snipes) and caused a lot of distraction and slow downs. The Asian chicks in the tin box in front of me nearly broke their necks trying to watch him for a mile...and no, I did not. Ok, maybe a little.
So yeah, tiny Island, lots of commuting fun!
On a not so totally random note, I'm back to weight training tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to it.
Although I managed to slightly sprain my wrist wrestling with the most cruel of sports bras I've ever owned (thanks lululemon - or lulemon as Andy and I call it). I injure myself in the most ridiculous of ways.
So, I'm back to the grind. Scootercommuting, work woes (life insurance!god!), healthy lunch quests and exercise.
I'm spacing out the vacation posts so that I can savour them more fully as ssdd settles in around me.
Counting down now to December!


On a totally random note, is this not the sweetest drawing you've ever seen?

 'k bye

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