Friday, September 24, 2010

The Communal Mule

Hands down the best coffee house I've ever been too. Best name, no contest :

me, in the window

Best decor:

only one of my favourite movies
Best espresso drinks:

soy lattes
 And best clientele! :)

My sis has the same 'looks angry but isn't' affliction

Loved this place. Wish I could uproot it and bring it here.


  1. all of your pix from this trip included a lot of me (in the same jacket) showing off just my shoulder and out of frame. In this one, I'm a bit disturbed by how pasty white my hand is! It's blue. . .

  2. mine too haha!
    So much for my "posh" look ;-p
    Fave place eva!! We'll keep it in business so when you come back we can go again....

  3. @ schnerg - I do have one of half of your face at the Spring Roll, oh and my favourite - the 'don't take my picture!' shot in front of Sneaky Dees.
    And yeah. You guys are so white you're translucent.... ;)