Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ever feel like finding one of these:
And pulling up stakes to take in with you?

Yeah, one of those days. Too much. Totally out of my comfort zone today at work. I got it done, but it wiped me out.
And generally just overly sensitive about everything else.
Like one big sparking dendrite.
I'm not the most easy going person. I can be. But sometimes, I just get into this state. I feel like, I don't know, I can read people. I'm open to too much information. Or maybe I'm crazy and reading too much into everything. Whatever the reason, I find myself often in desperate need of a quiet, lonely cave.
I need to recharge, being sensitive burns a lot of energy.

On a way more happy note - 2 weeks!!!!
And I'll be back here:
Shell & Andy's street
Ignore the serious look, that has more to do with me trying to get down this self portrait thing. I'd post more of those but you'd laugh your ass off. Ok, maybe some day.

1 comment:

  1. YAY two more weeks, count down is ON!!! :)
    I think i can relate, I too often feel that I am too sensitive for this cruel world and would like to do nothing but hid under my bed. I wish i had a super shield to bounce people's negative shit off me instead of sucking it all in like a cold beer on a hot porch. mmmm beer.....but seriously. yeh. blows.
    that's why you're comin to see your favourite sis to get away from all that bs for a lil while :)