Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labour Day weekend - Day 1

asics, beach towel, sandy toes

I decided on this mad, glorious idea - I would hop on Bikey, park at the beach, go for a short run/jog/walk thingy, then I would jump right into the water at the end of it.
It was a great idea, first time I ever did it! And it was pretty fantastic, except for two things - I had nothing to eat but coffee; it was 12 30 pm. HOT. I did enjoy the heat beating down on my head, I enjoyed getting as hot and sweaty as possible in anticipation of hurling myself into the ocean. It was very tiring, and I suppose a little dangerous. Next time I'll wait until the heat of the day has bled off a bit.
I took this picture to demonstrate the beet redness of my face, even after the swim and the ride home:

I'm not angry. I'm starting to realise this might be my everyday look. Yikes.

As you can see by the picture, I'm getting a little better at taking pictures of myself. Now I need to work on smiling maybe.

After a brief rest, I went to White's to stock up on the MillerChill and grab something for lunch - an oh-so-tasty 'b'lt. At that point though I'm sure even plain grits would have been delicious (uck).

I went to Lisi's in the evening for an in house happy hour, we had her fabulous g 'n' t's, that girl can make a mean highball! We had a blast, talking sh*t and gossiping about everything under our sun. Her husband was very tolerant, right up until the very end, when I think our vitriol finally got to him. We get mean when we drink gin. Fun!

I rode home, it was a beautiful, starry night, and when I got home I sat outside and considered the vastness of the universe for a while. Yeah, a little tipsy still and my neighbour may have assumed I had locked myself out of the house.

I crashed hard and slept long, so far haven't done a whole lot today but surf the internet ( I love reading blogs now). I have outside plans later, and will catch up with it tomorrow!

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