Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am so

BORED (dramatic flop)!

So I've been on this self-discovery/help/improvement thing for seven months. I'm here in a pretty good place, mentally, physically, spiritually. But now I'm all like, ok, what's next?


I have two trips planned this summer, both to Toronto, one definite, the other dependant on the travelling partner.

Work is..... work. I can't say I've been overly motivated or thrilled with it, but I'm doing a good job at my job.

The health kick is going well, if a bit obsessively. As of last Saturday I'm one pound off of my goal weight....and again....then what?

I've been having a great time with good friends. And I could do more, and perhaps will when I get my poor bikey back (in the shop, mufflerless).

I'm thinking about a new camera, my lil Nikon has been fun and inspiring and I'm ready to move on to the next level. No where near my Kristy's level, who's practically a professional, but I would like to take better pictures.

I have NOTHING to complain about, but here I am feeling all blah and listless and poor ol bored me.


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