Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Chill

This weekend has been busy and great! Friday met my boo at North Rock then had dinner with my new extended familia (love you, Rowntrees!). Then Sass came over for some Porch time, never enough of it. Saturday was bright and early with Bri and Mom coming over to do some more little fixes around the house - I finally have a porch light again! And I will brag on it, this place is looking fab. Kristy, Keith and Em came over in the evening, to check out the pad and go through Dad's huge coin collection.....alas no million dollar finds but I still hold out hope. We drank Skinny Girl Margaritas (which for some reason are $10 more a bottle at White's) and I played a game of hide and seek with Emily while the grown ups searched the internet for possible coin finds. After they left, (Keith with my busted Toshiba which he is going to attempt to fix!) I had another Marga and caught up a bit more on my True Blood seasons. Again up bright and early for some reason today, so I'm hanging out on the internet finding cool pictures. Lunch making for the week - tahini tofu, couscous and garlic spinach, and vinyasa in a couple of hours or so. I'm so chuffed at my yoga practice, the better you get at it, the more enjoyable it is! Looking forward to weight training with Rupert tomorrow, this new found fitness is hands down the best thing in my life right now.
Here's some of the cool pics I've been browsing, and a couple of throw back pics from Christmas. Enjoy!

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