Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Things 0.1

 - So lucky to live where I do. Went to 2 gorgeous beaches to catch the wave action on Saturday.
 - Switched to broadband through CableVision - SO FAST!
 - Got to relax and e-chat to friends on Saturday night.
 - Sunday morning pancakes again and a fantastic day all around.
 - Sunday night miller chill with roses lime - just as delectable as I imagined.
 - Monday a.m. tired but made the gym. Half the battle.
 - Monday work. Not as bad as some Mondays....yeah that's as good as that got, oh well.
 - Great Cafe 4 spinach salad!
 - Monday evening, sat on Clearwater beach and watched the water as the sun went down. Saw 3 turtles! Turtles are righteous, dude.
 - Tuesday a.m. tired but made the gym and worked a little harder.
 - Work meetings with mucky mucks went well.
 - Found a great book at the library (short fantasy stories by ALL the big hitters back to Hawthorne)
 - Finished HUGE project at work.
 - Ate oats n dark chocolate granola bars by Nature's Valley, now addicted (like food crack).
 - W.T. with San, we did good!
 - Mom brought 'round some potato salad and some friends from SC.
 - Now gonna eat some naan bread pizza and maybe have a chill n roses. Sweet.

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