Thursday, November 4, 2010


I just typed 'rambling' instead of someone's last name on a file, so I thought that may mean  I need to do some.

I'm so tired. Had a great night last night, with a little bit ('k, a lot) of wine. I'm still on my Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc kick, and I found a couple of not too badly priced good ones at the store last night. Add a pizza and a great companion, and what you have is me staying up way past my bedtime.

As a result, this morning I'm having a bit of hard time concentrating on work :(blech:(.

I need to tell someone about my trainer. You've seen him, he's immortalized here on these pages. What I failed to do when signing on with Rupert, was to investigate his personality.
Folks, if you are going to hire a trainer, make sure he is not a sadist.

Today, on top of being tired, I'm bruised, sprained and aching. Now, I really don't mind any of those things on their own, but the combination is doing me in. After over 2 years of intense weight training, I may still be too wimpy to be fit.

The other thing I want to ramble about is men in general. I only actually like a few. I only actually love one. And I would be lying if I said that I didn't want to flay the skin off of that one on occasion. I work with men. On days like today I have very little patience for anything with a y chromosome. On days like today, one of 'them' even speaking to me raises the little hairs on my neck right up. I have an idea how this animosity towards the male has built in me. Lets just say that over a lifetime, my experiences involving them have been mostly negative. But unless I can move to country populated solely by women, I have to learn how to smooth my quills. I'm so prickly sometimes with 'them' that I know I hurt feelings. For god's sake, not ALL men are bad, I tell myself.

I guess I'm just looking for one of them to prove that to me. Until then, I will probably continue to be president of the she-woman-man-hater's-club.

There. I feel a little better.

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