Saturday, November 6, 2010


gimme strength

It's just one of those days. So I'm gonna talk about last Sunday, which was such a great day.

Brunch at Henry VIII's with these very special ladies:
The spider dress, my fave, has a tendency to gape at the midriff, so my buddyluv Alison amused both of greatly by 'tickle tickle'-ing me every time it did. I need to invest in some double sided tape..
The ride up the south shore was gorgeous, it was a perfect day. I was actually a half hour early (slight mix up), so the bartender Anthony kept me amused and flattered the heck out of me until Al arrived. And the look on her face when she saw me was worth waiting hours for. I'm a hermit, and it tells in spades how much of one when my friends are honestly surprised to see me out.
Then a Halloween party at my neighbours!

We had a blast. Lots of good laughs with Steve and Noli, and lots of good swizzle :) And the kids we had were so cute. Alas, we gave away all of the candy (I did sneak a reese's cup).

Good times!

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