Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yesterday was definitely better. That wasn't a stretch, but still, I'm grateful.
Lunch here, with some old friends from New Jersey:
The Black Horse Tavern, St. David's
The flat tire was fixed on my bike - freedom restored. This is he, my best buddy, at home on my back patio:

He's a Vespa, and yes, I know I'm too old to be naming things :)

Then off to the beach, for a glorious afternoon swim. I spent the rest of the day in my bathing suit and that always brings back happy childhood memories. We used to suit up in the morning and stay that way until bedtime. Living on an island has meant a lifetime of beach days, and of course I'm biased, on the most beautiful beaches in the world.

So that was Saturday. Today meant my usual Sunday walk. I'm breaking in some new Skechers shape-ups, and while they take some getting used to, I must admit that they work my legs a bit harder than my regular running shoes.

Taking my little Coolpix with me is forcing me to look more closely at my surroundings, and is renewing my love of nature.
Sunday walk
After the walk, a much needed, greatly appreciated visit from a most favoured person.

Now the question is, will my happy weekend glow carry me through the Monday blues?
I sure hope so....
lovely cliche

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