Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy weekend

What I didn't see this weekend:

I didn't work out once, not even a swim! On Saturday I had my preliminary interview with my new life coach. I've been considering getting some help with finding some direction, and I am happy to report that I've found the right person!
It's a big step for me and a bit scary, but I've been given permission to do everything at my own pace, which for me is key. I'm the type of gal that has big plans, big ideas, and big fear. By allowing myself to take little pieces of the big picture to work on, well, maybe I'll finally get somewhere. We'll see. I'm gonna try. I will make some little changes, little steps and hopefully one day I'll look up and see I've come a long way baby.
I had some veggie sushi with a friend, and it was nice to catch up.
Came home and read 'til late, I love short stories, and the annual Best American Short Stories always has good ones and introduces me to some new authors (yes there are authors other than S. King out there, Crystal). My favourite, ironically was author Steve De Jarnatt's first published story and first fiction sent out "Rubiaux Rising". It's about an unfortunate trapped by flood in New Orleans, and it is powerful. More than once I stopped and looked up with wonder. My favourite lines; 'Salt crusts his eyes where tears should be. He has long cried out his life ration of them.'
In no way have I experienced a life as grim as this lead character, but I could identify a little with that Although I'm pretty sure I haven't yet taxed my ration, unfortunately.
And yes, I chose to stay home and read instead of taking up the invitations I was offered. That's just me, okay? At this point in my life, I just don't have the desire or need to put myself out there where I only have to put on a happy face and pretend to have the good time I'm not. Can't be bothered.
Today - SO lazy! I did a tiny bit of laundry. A tiny bit of dishes. No cooking (had pancakes made for me!). No walking. Watched movies on my laptop in the air conditioned bedroom, Paranormal Activity, will not speak of it now when dark.... Drank beer. Had pizza. It was glorious!
Of course I'm wide awake now at 9pm and will not sleep a wink tonight. And I'll be good and tired for Monday morning.
But what else is new!?

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