Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday night's all right

For being a bit indulgent. Of my reflective mood.

I love oceans, every nuance of their infinite incarnations.  As I gush, there are a couple of hurricanes spinning on my ocean out there (and prayers for any vessel anywhere near cat 4 Danielle). So sitting on my beach this evening means feeling the pull of vast tides, unimaginable forces. Feeling small and daunted, and very, well, mortal.

I had the same feeling whilst full moon gazing on Tuesday. I was trying to imagine Bermuda in relation to the scale of the moon to the earth. Yeah, it strained my synapses, but as worthy practices go, I humbly propose that everyone should take pause and do either of the above.

I have a big post planned on dolphins tomorrow, but for tonight, that's all folks......

small reminders of the power of a Cat 4

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