Monday, August 16, 2010

Colour me Blue

Monday Blue

If we had three day weekends, would Tuesday then suck?

Man, what a crappy day! I really did not want to get up, knowing what was waiting for me at the office (spreadsheet hell).
I got to the gym and felt SO sorry for myself I was in tears on my way to the elliptical machine. Not a great workout. I couldn't even muster up much of a smile for my gym partner, who usually pretty much guarantees one.
Had a shower, hair's crap, make-up does not help, dress is old and played out.
I can feel my boss radiating urgency as I walk to my desk, but because he's cool, he waits until the first coffee gets down. From then on though, off to the races. Almost all of my least favourite job functions, all in one day.
And WAA! my girl is school, work, life, soul buddy. And, she won't be the last. I'm all sad.
I'm going to eat a big ol' (vegan) bbq chix sandwich. Heavy on the veganaise. And pathos.
Gin and tonic for dessert.
Did I say that I would try to keep this positive? Damn you Monday - you win again!!!


  1. Booo I hate mondays too!!! love chixy sandies though :)

  2. Ohhh look at this ! Im impressed bloggy bloggerton ! I love it ! : ) Id love to do this but I think I might have a touch of ADHD and doubt I would keep it up . Anyway this is great -love the pics!! Cant wait for the next..what do you call these..installment, episode? XOXO!

  3. i like to think of monday as sunday's red-headed stepchild. Say hi to bikey, if the rear wheel is damaged, or the padding at the back of the seat is worn out, sorry