Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today is the first day....

Of my posting here.

If you've by happenstance stumbled upon this, I promise that the pictures will always be pretty, but the posts, not so much.

I try to be positive, but it is tough. And I don't really expect anyone to read this, so it's kinda like me talking out loud to myself.

Yesterday, Friday the 13th was such a terrible day, I can only hope that today will be even the slightest bit better. (I'll let you know tomorrow)

Work issues, guy issues, x-rays, thyroid screen, sad goodbye, flat tire, drinks alone on my lovely porch.
Kinda day when you go to bed wondering if you want to wake up. I did, obviously, so will make the best of this one.

I feel like a malcontent. The truth is, from the outside, I have it pretty good. Stable job, lovely friends, wonderful home, native to the most beautiful Island in the world.
My front porch
Still, here I am, griping about how hard I have it (gives self mental slap).

If anything, maybe posting will give me better perspective on life. Maybe not.

My sister lives overseas, as will my best friend soon. I wanted to set something up for them to check in on what's happening in Bermyland. They know me well enough not to expect butterflies and rainbows.

me and my gorgeous sister at her wedding

Also, my new(ish) big thing is honesty. I have no respect for people who put up a false front to the world, for everyone to look at them and say 'aw, look how great their life is'.  Not that I think we should all walk around with a billboard advertising our issues, I'm just saying be real people. Live real. If I have one goal for this stage of my life, that's it.

So in that spirit - here's me now. End of day, barely made up, bad lighting, etc..... Hi :)

If you have stumbled upon, thanks for dropping by.

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