Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You can take the grrl outta St. Davids......

Yeah ok, I'm still here. But you get it.

Riding home from training this evening (and note to anyone who works with a trainer, or plans to someday, never, ever tell them you hate something. you will be doing it twice a week for the rest of your life) I noticed a very handsome looking man running on the side of the road. He looks up, smiles big and lovely and waves! I was grinning. Those eyes, that smile.....is very familiar. I had just checked out my cousin. And first cousin, too.
I called my mother, because I can't remember what we all used to call Alan when we were kids. Bubba. The cousin that I had just checked out is called Bubba.


  1. HAHA!! See what happens when you don't attend Fox family reunions??

  2. well at least his nickname isn't..... actually there's nothing worse than Bubba.

    So, how was the first date?

  3. What, I don't get a date? hahaha! Ironically, would probably be the best date I ever had. We have so much in common..... I just grossed myself out.