Monday, August 23, 2010

Last night I dreamt of...

My good friend Paul. I dreamt that he was back, and I went to visit him in the hospital where he was recovering from his trip beyond the pale. We talked about everything, about all of those difficult things between us that we had been uncomfortable talking about. There were no hurt, or hard feelings. We had already suffered the separation of death, you see, so now we knew that silly life stuff held no matter.
I dreamt that on my way out, I walked past his door where he was getting ready to go home. I was going to walk past, thinking, I will see him soon. In my dream, I made myself stop and go in, and talk to him again, we made plans for dinner as soon as he got home and settled.
I was so happy in my dream. Paul was back, and everything was okay between us, we were good friends, peas and carrots just like the good old, old days.
Today I am not so happy. I got to thinking about how many people we lose, to death or just carelessness. I'm thinking about how we let silly life stuff get in the way. How we say things we don't mean, and mean things we don't say.
How we lose or lose touch with people and always think later, I really wish I could see them one more time to say what I should have said, what I needed to say to them.

So say it, my dears. Just say it.

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  1. Aw Crys...what an amazing dream, this post is so beautiful. its so true we need to tell people how much they mean to us cuz you never know when you may never see them again.