Saturday, October 9, 2010


I dislike the word 'goals'. Even typing it makes me belly go all punkerfly. I feel as if the second I 'set a goal', I am setting myself up for a fail. So in order to think around this mental block, I have chosen to use the word 'aspiration'. Because one definition of aspire is:
2. fly high: to soar to a great height

The other includes the g word so I'll cheerfully ignore it. I love ignoring things I don't like (yes, that will be addressed at some future point in my self improvement journey).
Goal feels like slogging through muck and mire to a destination that may or may not be reachable. If I am aspiring, I'm soaring to a greater height. I am already flying.

a flying fox, hee, i'm so punny
My biggest self imposed obstacle has been the bigger is better mind set. I'm going to lose 20 pounds! before Christmas. I'm going to get my FLMI designation! before Spring. I'm going to organise this house within an inch of it's life! before winter. I'm going to straighten out my relationship(s)! before 2011.
Before I even start, I'm self talking about how impossible THAT is going to be.

So today, starting now, my first focus is to break my big fat aspirations into tiny bite size aspirations.

weight loss  holistic well being
- eat for energy
- eat for body/mind balance
- three branched excercise approach: cardio, weight lifting, yoga; a lot of a little of each.

designation education
- read text book for a half hour a day
- once finished, complete the workbook
- then schedule the test

perfect house small changes and spot cleaning 3 times a week
 - assign each room a week
 - peruse home decorating books for easy, impactful ideas
 - put aside $ specifically for house reno projects

recently reorganised living room for prime space utilisation
 perfect relationships maximise interaction
 - communicate honestly
 - make my feelings, needs and desires transparent
 - empathise

So there it is. A lot of this I am doing currently, not as structured or focused, but I find setting things down makes me hold myself more accountable.
I have found many resources for ideas and enlightenment online, one site I recently found and greatly appreciate is

There is so much support out there. For me, for everyone. You (I) just have to look for it. And ask for it.

Happy Journey!

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