Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday evening walk with Mom

The house that I live in is the house I grew up in. My parents bought it about 30 years ago, and I moved back in here on my own 2 and half years ago. I love it, and although these two years have not been the happiest for me, living here has given me great comfort at times.

Yesterday my Mother and I went for a walk in the neighbourhood, specifically the road that runs behind our property.

This is the old church:
This is the old Sunday school (funny because it's bigger and a bit of a walk away!):
Both of these buildings are over 100 years old, and are now private residences. What cool places to live!

A bunch of us kids used to hang together, and had the run of this road, which of course is much different now. But some things are still recognisable.

This little tree tunnel used to be the thruway we used to travel from our yard (before they bought this place my parents rented a house owned by the Anglican church on our road), to Jacobs Point road. I used to dream about it and considered it quite magical. A passage to another world, perhaps?
The trees are stripped by the latest hurricane, but you can imagine them in full leaf.

The road is still slightly magical, we came across a small stable that neither of us had any idea was there. We spent some time talking to the beautiful stallion that lives there (who of course ran inside when I picked up the camera to snap a shot of him) :)

And then there was this beautiful sunset as we walked back home:

It was quite nostalgic, and made me so happy to live where I do, surrounded by so many memories.

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  1. I still dream about our short cuts too!! We were so lucky growing up there and being so safe just to play in the "woods" til dinner time and letting our imaginations go crazy.....