Thursday, October 21, 2010

Missing Kensington

My sister lives a short walk away from one of the coolest places on the planet, Kensington Market. And although I haven't seen every inch of it, everything I've seen I'm madly in love with.
It's so eclectic and busy. There's every type of person imaginable vending or walking the streets. The stores are small and quirky. I'm all about natural cosmetics, and Desert Essence had us in there for an hour, just looking at everything and trying to limit purchases to almost necessary, at least. I still have my half calabash of shea butter, I'm dying to use it but also reluctant to open it.
The produce grocer's was an eye opener for an island grrl - so many fresh beautiful veggies I merely stood in the door and gawked.

gorgeous. the fruit and my sis
 The many restaurants are a deprived vegetarian's dream. Again, much standing and staring, this time at menu boards and salad bars. Crazy stuff.
I loved this place, but we didn't go in (yet)
And Canadians, so sweet, always stopped and let you take a picture without tromping through it (ahem, hear me Bermudians?)
We had such a great time, we always do. I flew to Toronto to be chased down the street by a Jamaican wanting to put perfumed oil on me...dude, seriously? That happens pretty much every day in Bermuda ;)
And since cheesy grins are our thing
Oh, last but not least, we stopped in here for a 'quick' (yeah not so much) smoothie on our way to mani-pedi heaven. And yes I'm still so goth struck at 37 that I only paint fingers and toes black. This place smelled more heavenly than any other place I've ever had the pleasure of waiting an inordinate amount of time for a smoothie in. And those bagels that weren't bagels but some kind of spinach cheese pastry events? I'm coming for you....

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