Friday, October 22, 2010

Remarkably Positive

I thought that I'd better capture this before it all goes south...

Dragging out of bed wasn't easy, but once I was up, I was out.

There's a new spin bike @ the gym, so I got to give myself a solo spin class, cranking the Lady G to the max(yes, I know, but it's excellent music for spinning), interspersed with my favourite White Stripes tunes (love you Jack).

Even though I missed my gym buddy this morning (more on that later - this is positive, remember!), I did get a visit before showering and rushing upstairs. Bull-footed (ask Lisi :))because I forget my flip flops - ew.

My smashing colleague Stephen bought me a large soy latte, and I have a work anniversary lunch to look forward to at my favourite restaurant, Harry's. Forgot my camera but maybe I can sneak a photo on my blackberry.

I'm gonna try real hard to hold on to these shiny feelings for the rest of the day....

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