Friday, October 15, 2010

Crystal a bit miffed, actually

So, I have this facebook friend. I won't get into more detail than that, because, the state I'm in, it won't be positive.

Wednesday, she tagged and posted two pictures of me in my swimsuit. While I'm not quite comparable to a baby beluga, I am not in any way happy enough about my figure to have it posted on a public website.

I see this, on my blackberry, on Thursday morning, early, and message her immediately - PLEASE take those photos down. She says okay, whats your problem, you look hot, lol (which is also on my miff list (see below)).

So I go away muttering but glad that's the last of it. And don't think of it again.....until this afternoon, when I get another message from her, oh yeah, forgot about the pics will take them down tonight, lol. WHAT!?!?! So these f*cking atrocious things have been up for 48 hours? Come ON! I am pissed, and can't do anything about it on my blackberry.

I get home this evening and take them out of my album and un-tag myself, but of course I can't take them out of hers. Which I'm sure she'll keep 'forgetting' to do.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought it was common web etiquette not to post pictures of your 'friends' in swimsuits, unless of course they have already covered their page in them.
I would never do that to anyone.

I'm very selective about what I put up, I'm not going in there and photo-shopping flaws, etc, but I am sure not posting a full rear in the sunlight photo of me in my two-piece. AAAUGH, I am MAD! So enough of that. Here's a nice web appropriate picture of myself to cheer me up:


- People posting f*cked up picture of me in public places!!
- People that use 'lol', 'u', '2', 'tmw', '4' etc, constantly. Annoying.
- People who have no cohones. Unfortunately, this category includes me.
- People who are permanently up tight, on edge, on guard, en point. F*cking relax.
- People who truly believe that they are better and more important than anyone else.
- People who live big fat fake 'I'm so happy' lives to make sure nobody knows the truth.
- People who make it their life's business to figure out what you're doing with yours.

Oh hey, I guess just 'people' would cover it, right?

Fox, out.
OH wait that reminded me of one more!
- People who get hooked on stupid reality tv shows and talk about nothing else.

yes, I'm going to have one right now.

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  1. that is soooooo shitty!!!! like this one time on Survivor....ha just kiddin ;-p but that is really not cool....thank god you can untag yourself on fb!!