Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last night I took my first crack at a vegan dessert. Very easy, mind you, baby steps.
It involved graham cracker crust (thank you elves), bittersweet chocolate, coconut and cream of coconut (sweetened, and this was my first encounter. I am hooked).

The most actual preparation went into whisking the cream of coconut to a creamy consistency. This also involved lots of tasting, and resulted in a much later bedtime than usual.

Baked, and my house smelled like sweet, dark coconut heaven. That was the best part. I did not burn it (major bonus) and brought it in to share with my pals at work.

Everyone that tried it seemed to like it, of course at first sample their eyes popped with the sugar slam to the taste buds. :)

I've always liked cooking food. Making tasty vegan and vegetarian dishes to share is rewarding. But not quite as rewarding as making sweet treats to light up the faces of my friends and loved ones.

I may have found a new passion. As long as I continue to give it all away, my finally firm butt will not suffer for it.

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