Monday, October 18, 2010


Everything is hurting right now. Stomach, because I'm starving. Head, because I'm so tired and overwhelmed. Legs, because I'm trying to integrate running into my morning cardio routine. Back, because I've been hunched frantically over my desk all morning.
I hate to be the complaining type, after all I have a sweet life compared to many.
But damn! Sometimes things just add up and weigh you down.
I'm on a major emotional roller coaster to top it all off. Just when things seem to be going right, just when there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel...
It's my own fault, I know I should be stronger, or braver, or somethin'.

To lighten up a bit, I listened to my sister and friends and tried the kale soup thing with my huge vat of kale I just wasn't gonna eat. And - hey! It's pretty good. Of course I now have enough to feed a small army, I froze some and will be having it for lunch over the next few days. Soup plus a crusty ww roll? Hang on stomach, it's almost lunch time.

And, hang on me, things will get better.

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